11 pet hacks to love your pet even more

11 Pet Hacks That Will Make Your Life as a Pet Owner so Much Easier

By: Annie

Contributing Animalista

These 11 hacks will make you say why didn't I think of these sooner and will make you love your pet even more

Owning a pet is one of the most beautiful things in life but there is no denying that it requires a bit of work to keep them happy and healthy.

Let’s take a look at some pet hacks that will make your life as a pet owner so much easier!

Pet Hacks #1 – Ditch The Dog Shampoo

…in favor of regular shampoo! Have you ever noticed that dog shampoo is really expensive? Unless your dog needs a special shampoo for ticks or fleas, it is perfectly fine to use regular shampoo. Their fur will come out just as clean and shiny.

Ditch the dog shampoo

Pet Hacks #2 – Make Your Own Pill Pockets

Any dog owner will know that store-bought pill pockets have a 50/50 chance of working as dogs can sniff out a pill from a mile away. Instead of wasting your money on expensive pill pockets and wasting the pills themselves, why not make your own? Think about treats or food your dog really loves and use this to make your own and more effective pill pockets. Your dog will be more likely to swallow that pill if it is surrounded by something they can’t resist (like bacon, for example)!

Make your own pill pocket

Pet Hacks #3 – Become a Catnip Farmer

Cats literally go crazy over catnip so why not keep a steady supply in your home by growing catnip in your yard or in a pot? Catnip seeds are available from most garden centers and it is very easy to grow. Whenever your cat seems bored, you could then break out the catnip and keep them happy and satisfied at a fraction of the price of expensive catnip toys.

Grow your own catnip

Pet Hacks #4 – Get Your Dog Their Own Pool

During the hot summer months, dogs can really suffer from the effects of the heat. We recommend buying a kiddies’ pool, filling it with water and allowing your dog to splash around on those unbearably hot days. It will keep them entertained and cool at the same time!

Kiddie pool to keep your dog cool

Pet Hacks #5 – Make Your Own Cat Toys

Why is it that cats have a habit of losing their toys? Unless you collect them from underneath the couch on a daily basis, you are fighting a losing battle. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on toys, why not make your own? A scrunched up ball of aluminum foil, string tied around a ball of paper or a cardboard box can provide just as much entertainment as store-bought toys.

make your own foil ball cat toy

Pet Hacks #6 – Make Your Dog Popsicles

Dogs love popsicles just as much as humans do (only they enjoy meat-flavored treats more). Keep them cool this summer by freezing a concoction of beef or chicken stock, a toy or two and a piece of meat in a cake mold and you are good to go!

make your own doggie popsicles

Pet Hacks #7 – Protect Your Furniture With Double-sided Tape

One of the ways that cats mark their territories is by scratching furniture to leave their scent behind. If you want to protect your brand new couch, place some double-sided tape on strategic areas as cats hate sticky surfaces.

Use double-sided tape for your couch

Pet Hacks #8 – Bad Breath? Use Parsley

Dogs are notorious for their stinky breath and sometimes brushing doesn’t always help (plus, they don’t enjoy it). By including a little fresh parsley in their daily meals, you can help neutralize odors and keep them fresh smelling.

use parsley for dog bad breath

Pet Hacks #9 – Use Vaseline For Sore Paws

A dog’s paws are pretty tough but if they have been walking around a lot on very hot or cold surfaces, they can become sore and cracked. Ease their discomfort and promote healing by spreading a little vaseline on their paws.

Use vaseline for dry dog paws

Pet Hacks #10 – Use a Tennis Ball For Eating Problems

Does your dog eat too much, too little or too fast? This is a common problem and you can help your dog by placing a tennis ball in their food bowl. This will either slow them down or encourage them to spend more time around their food bowl. Genius!

Use a tennis ball to slow your dog's eating

Pet Hacks #11 – Remove Unwanted Pet Hair With a Window Squeegee

Owners of long-haired pets will know that getting rid of pet hair is an ongoing and very difficult battle. A very effective way to remove hair from couches, carpets, etc is to use a window squeegee which makes the job quick and easy.

use a squeegee to clean pet hair


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