12 Cutest Animal Breeds You Need to See to Believe!

By: Natasha

Contributing Animalista

There's a whole world out there full of totally unexpected cutest animal breeds. Get ready for an extra dose of cuteness!

The animal world never ceases to amaze us. We may be used to the beauty of domestic pets and wild animals, but there’s a whole world out there full of totally unexpected cute animal breeds that you’ll have to see to believe.

Get ready for an extra dose of cuteness and let these animals conquer your heart!

1. Ajolote – Ambystoma mexicanum

cute ajolote swimming among the stones

Native to Mexico, this is a fascinating creature that retains the characteristics of salamanders but looks more like frogs and toads.

Its habitat is found in the oyamel forests or the wetlands of Xochimilco in streams and canals.

It has this appearance since it maintains its larval characteristics even when it reaches sexual maturity, this phenomenon is called neoteny.

This is one of the cutest animals because Its head is rounded, its eyes are small and its mouth is what gives it such a tender appearance as if it had been drawn by small children.

2. Vaquita – Phocoena sinus

Cute vaquita in the hands of her rescuers

They are native to the Upper Gulf of California in Mexico. It is a type of porpoise and it is one of the smallest and cutest cetaceans in the world.

It has a shy temperament that makes it difficult to observe, as it is elusive and moves away when it sees boats, so it stays underwater for a long time. 

Its appearance is a nice mix between a whale and a dolphin, but instead of an elongated mouth, it has a small mouth that seems to be always smiling.

3. Gerenuk – Litocranius walleri

beautiful gerenuk looking upwards

This cute animal breed inhabits the savannahs of East Africa. It is a species of artiodactyl mammal of the Bovidae family with a long neck and small head. 

Its most prominent feature is an exceptionally long neck, a characteristic from which it gets its name.It lives in pairs or small groups. Its diet is based on grasses and leaves from bushes, and to reach them, it can stand on its hind legs, keeping its neck stretched upwards to reach its target.

4. Ili pika – Ochotona iliensis

cute ili pika on the rock

This adorable-looking animal, discovered in 1983, lives in the Tian Shan mountains in the Sinkiang region of northwest China. It is part of the Ochotonidae family, to which rabbits and hares also belong.

They feed on grass and live on the rocks on mountain slopes. It is so elusive that since it was discovered, only 29 specimens have been sighted.

Its furry appearance and large rounded ears resembling a bear have made it increasingly well-known as one of the cutest animals.

5. Red pandas – Ailurus fulgens

adorable red panda looking down from the tree

No, this cute animal is not a bear! It belongs to the Ailuridae family. The red panda was first known in the West in 1825. 

It lives in the Himalayan forests, in the mountains of Hunan, Schuan (China), northern Burma, and Nepal. Similar to a raccoon, its body is covered with dense reddish-brown fur.

6. The quokka – Setonix brachyurus

sweet quokka eating leaves

In 2013, it was declared the happiest animal in the world by The Huffington Post, for its peculiar smile and great sympathy towards humans. It was discovered in 1696 in Australia. At first, it was considered to be giant rats, but after research, it was discovered that these cute animal breeds are a marsupial species of the kangaroo family, although their size is similar to a cat.

7. European rabbit – Oryctolagus cuniculus

european bunny scanning the landscape

The Angora rabbit is one of the cutest pets and it is famous for its soft fur. It originates from Ankara, Turkey. 

In the mid-18th century, French royalty became fond of these bunnies and they began to gain popularity as pets.

Its calm and sociable character, as well as its charming appearance, helped this breed to spread very quickly throughout the European continent.

8. The black-footed ferret – Mustela nigripes

cute black footed ferret on the bed

They belong to the mustelid family and live in the central United States in arid shrublands and grasslands. 

They have large eyes and a small nose, and their appearance often gives them the look of a curious creature.

Despite appearing harmless, this species is characterized by consuming large numbers of mammals. Once domesticated, they are relatively easy to keep and make very good and cute pets.

9. The snow leopard – Panthera uncia

snow leopard stalking his prey

This cute animal is a species of carnivorous mammal of the family Felidae.  It was found naturally in Central Asia and tends to inhabit high-altitude mountainous areas. 

Its characteristic coat is soft, thick, and grayish, adorned with dark spots that allow it to blend in with its surroundings.

10. The long-tailed chinchilla – Chinchilla lanigera

cute chinchilla on the palm of a woman

The long-tailed chinchilla is a species of rodent of the Chinchillidae family, native to Chile. 

These Chinchillas measure 30cm and have an adorable appearance due to their big round ears and their lush fur that can be black or brown and makes you want to pet them. 

The long-tailed chinchillas are very cute pets, sociable, and easy to care for.

11.  The fennec fox – Vulpes zerda

cute fennec fox family on the rocks

The desert fox belongs to the Canidae family and lives in the Sahara Desert and Sinai Peninsula.

It is the smallest fox species in existence, and they are surprisingly easy to domesticate as they adapt well to living with people. They usually feed on reptiles, rodents, and birds.

What makes it one of the cutest animals is its tiny snout and its huge triangular ears compared to the rest of its body, perfectly adapted to the desert.

12.  Sea Otter – Enhydra lutris

sea otter swimming in the river on his back

The sea otter inhabits shallow coastal waters and belongs to the mustelid family. It is found in the North Pacific, from northern Japan to Baja California, Mexico.

The sea otter stands out for its fur and diminutive size, making it one of the most adorable mammals.

Its characteristic fur helps it retain heat since it does not have a thick layer of fat to protect itself from the cold.

Although they are sociable and playful, they spend most of their time alone.
And that’s it! We have reached the end of our tour of the cutest animal breeds in the world. No doubt this list could be longer, but these animals stand out at first glance.


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