The Animalista Animals Acting Like Jerks

5 Times Animals Acted Like Complete Jerks

By: Sarah

Contributing Animalista

Love them or hate them, animals can act like complete jerks sometimes. Here are five times animals acted like jerks but are still adorable.

If you’ve ever had a pet, you’ve probably had the following realization a few times: that animal is a jerk. Maybe you got home from a long day of work to find your dog had eaten your back door, or your cat placed a dead mouse on your favorite pair of shoes.

But these acts of jerkish behavior are nothing compared to these five ultimate moments where animals were jerks.

1.   Poor squashed kitty

It’s always tense when you bring a new pet home to your existing pet. Will they get along and be best of friends? Will they get into a fight?

In this case, neither. The cat just went into full jerk mode and lay on top of the small cat, pretending it didn’t exist. We’re sure they love each other really though…

2.   Screaming cat

It’s amazing to have a high-quality camera to capture the important moments in life. Your child’s first steps, your wedding day — and the jerkish neighborhood cat that comes to your window solely to tant your cat.

The look of menace on that face is genuinely terrifying. Imagine what this demonic cat would do if the window was open wide enough to let it into the room!

3.   Cone of shame

In all fairness to the animal below, it probably thought that the human in this scenario was the one being a jerk. Imagine going about your daily life, and then suddenly, your human puts a giant cone around your neck. The cheek of it.

So, this cat got its revenge by going for a head bump. Blindsight the opponent before attack.

Also, have you noticed a pattern yet? All of the jerks so far are cats…

4.   Sneaky penguins

Finally, some animal jerks that aren’t cats. We’re all about diversity here.

It might not seem like the world’s worst crime to sneak into a sushi place, but these penguins from New Zealand were damn sneaky about it. The penguins secretly set up home outside a sushi truck and repeatedly snuck around when all the staff left — until one day, the camera caught them.

But who can blame them? Maybe they just really like sushi.

5.   Parrot refuses to be rescued

Imagine someone going to the trouble of putting on specialist emergency equipment and climbing a ladder up a house just to save you — and then throwing it in their face by refusing to budge from your spot.

Not many humans would have the guts to pull off that move, but this parrot took it in his stride. Brutal.

Bottom line

Love anything animal-related — even when the animals are jerks? Us too!


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