How To Treat A Dog With Mosquito Bites

Golden Retriever mixed-breed dog surrounded by swarming mosquitoes.

Ensure your canine companion’s comfort outdoors by proactively identifying, treating, and preventing mosquito bites. Just as you protect yourself, safeguard your dog from potential discomfort and promote a happy, outdoor lifestyle.

How to Choose the Right Cat Sedative for Travel

kitten going out the pet carrier

Are you embarking on a journey with your feline companion? Ensuring a stress-free travel experience for both of you is paramount. Here’s our selection of ideal cat sedatives for travel to ensure a stress-free travel experience for both you and your pet cat.

Can Cats Get Parvo or Lyme Disease

kittens can get parvo?

Feline Panleukopenia (parvo) is a viral infection that causes serious illness in unvaccinated cats, kittens, and cats with poor immune function. Lyme Disease is a tick-borne illness that is quite rare in cats.

Do Dogs Have Blood Types?

The Animalista Dogs Have Blood Types

Ever wonder if dogs have blood types? or perhaps how do blood types differ in different species? what about if animals can receive transfusions? Read on to see what our contributing Vet has to say about these questions.

How To Treat A Limping Dog At Home

How To Treat A Limping Dog At Home

Limping is a common issue in dogs. Knowing how to treat a limping dog at home and deciding when the problem needs prompt veterinary intervention is very important.

How Long Can a Dog Live With Arthritis

The Animalista dog with arthritis

How long can a dog live with arthritis you ask? That depends on you. Treat pain, minimize obesity, give them enough exercise and it could be a long time.

Dog Mange Treatment at Home Remedy

The Animalista dog displaying mange on ear

Mange is a common skin problem in dogs. The good news is there is a dog mange treatment you can do at home using products you already have


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