Chicago Pet Friendly Restaurants

The Animalista Chicago pet friendly restaurants
Heading to the windy city or already live there and looking for some Chicago pet friendly restaurants, our list has you covered

Welcome to the Windy City! Known for their sports teams, the Sears Tower, deep-dish pizza, and historic gangsters and speakeasies back in the day, this city is always bustling with something to do… and eat! Like many metropolitan cities, the food scene has exploded and now visitors and locals alike can dive into this delicious town bite by bite. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites places to try that are dog-friendly and human-approved while you’re exploring Chicago.

Octavio Cantina & Kitchen

5310 N Clark St. Chicago, IL 60640 // 773-293-1223

Octavio Cantina & Kitchen serves Mexican food with a modern twist. Serving up a tantalizing brunch menu, hand-crafted tacos, wood-fire Mexican-inspired pizzas and fun and fresh cocktails, Octavio is a great stop no matter the time of day. They have an outdoor patio that welcomes your furry friends complete with water bowls and even a few treats from the wait staff.

The Animalista Chicago pet friendly restaurants - Octavio Cantina

The Patio at Café Brauer

2021 N Stockton Dr. Chicago, IL 60614 // 312-507-9053

Who doesn’t love exploring the zoo?? The Patio at Café Brauer is located just south of the Lincoln Pak main zoo grounds at Café Brauer. Enjoy a great lunch or afternoon snack and cocktail with unparalleled views of the restored prairie fields of the zoo and the Chicago skyline in the back. Bring your dog, who is welcome on the patio, and enjoy lunch during the day or music on the patio from 5:30-7:30 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Open seasonally, this is a beautiful and relaxing spot where you can enjoy nature and city in one.

The Animalista Chicago pet friendly restaurants - Patio at Café Brauer

Public House Chicago – North River

400 N. State Street, Chicago, IL 60654 // 312-265-1240

This pet-friendly sports bar and lounge serves upscale gastropub food along with over 100 beers, some of their booths even have their own beer tops! Located in the adorable River North neighborhood, the Public House Chicago welcomes all doggies and even has their own canine menu. Your dog can enjoy a drool-worthy skirt steak, burger patty, or even a woof-cream. With plenty of covered outdoor seating, you both will be able to enjoy the afternoon.

The Animalista Chicago pet friendly restaurants - Public House

Siena Tavern

51 W. Kinzie, Chicago, IL 60654 // 312-595-1322

At Siena Tavern your canine pals are treated like guests of honors here at Siena Tavern. Humans and their pups can eat together on their puppy patio where the furry friends can even enjoy their own menu, the Puppy Patio Menu. Owned by the same group that runs the Public House, they definitely know how to make your pups feel welcome and loved. Humans can enjoy a lunch and dinner during the weekdays and brunch during the weekend.

The Animalista Chicago pet friendly restaurants - Siena Tavern

Mott St

1401 North Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60622 // 773-687-9977

Mott St serves Asian-inspired American fusion food that will make your mouth water. The eclectic menu serves things like Thai style papaya salad, garlic fried rice, wings, stuffed cabbage and Korean BBQ chicken. With a 64-seat patio set in a beautiful setting, you’ll forget you’re in the big city of Chicago temporarily and think you’ve escaped to a beautiful oasis. The dog-friendly patio, with water bowls, allows for a shady nap spot for your furry friend and plenty of delicious sips and bites for humans.

The Animalista Chicago pet friendly restaurants - Mott St

There’s a lot more to Chicago than just deep-dish pizza and Polish sausage. Chicago clearly has a lot of great spots to eat, so this just helps get you going in the right direction. Dogs and humans alike will enjoy the outdoor patios and the tails will keep wagging for doggy menus and yummy treats at different spots throughout the city.


By: Katlin May

Contributing Animalista

The Animalista contributors are animal people from around the world who use their writing talents to produce content that educates, entertains, and raises awareness for animal related topics.  

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