Chicago Pet Services

Chicago Pet Services
Here are six pet services that may come in handy if you’re planning a visit to Chicago.

Traveling with your furry friend is great! Except when you’re traveling with your canine companion you have to think outside of your accommodation and where you’re going to eat. Your dog will need to go potty, maybe he runs out of treats, or uh-oh he found a mud puddle and needs a bath ASAP! When you’re away from home and your normal places it’s overwhelming to figure out where to go. We’ve put together a few great spots you can rely on when you’re in Chicago with your pooch and a puppy emergency comes up.

Forgot the Toys & Treats

Tails in the City

1 East Delaware Place Chicago, IL 60611

Tails in the City is an adorable pet boutique in downtown Chicago that has all the cute accessories you’d need. Collars, leashes, harnesses, and comfy dog beds. They have a variety of luxury and designer doggy accessories such as clothing, collars, leashes, and pet care products.

Tails in the City Chiacgo

PUPtection Health & Nutrition Center

1755 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

If you’re looking for holistic options for your canine friend, then PUPtection Health & Nutrition Center is a great stop for you in the Windy City. They offer a holistic treatment center for your dog but also a storefront with items to purchase for your pet including clean dog food, whole and yummy treats, and other organic pet products.

PUPtection Health & Nutrition Center Chicago

For Dog’s Sake

1757 N Kimball Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

For Dog’s Sake is a pet store that offers only the best, freshest, and natural items for your canine companion. They sell natural dog food, chemical free pet products, and lots of adorable goodies that you and your pet will love.

For Dog’s Sake Chicago


Teddy’s Pet Taxi

[email protected] or 773-230-1729

Sometimes finding a pet-friendly ride can be difficult; not all ride sharing apps and drivers will allow furry friends. If you find yourself in the Windy City and need a reliable, safe ride to a groomer, vet, or even just out to a dog park across town, Teddy’s Pet Taxi is your solution. Visit their website, send them an email, or call for the most up to date information regarding a ride for you and your pet.

Teddy’s Pet Taxi Chicago

BooBoos & Ouchies

Burnham Park Animal Hospital

1025 South State St. Chicago, IL 60605

Burnham Park Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital that provides a wide arrange of health services for your furry friend. They provide boarding, an in-house pharmacy, surgery rooms, x-ray facilities as well as providing routine lab work. They will treat your pet like one of their own and give them the best treatment available. 

Burnham Park Animal Hospital Chicago

Pampered Pet

Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Salon

[email protected] or 888-648-7256

Let the groomer come to you! Less stress for your pet, less hassle for you. Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Salon is a mobile groomer that can give your dog a pampered spa day. Tearless baths, facial scrubs, nail trimming, haircuts and blow outs; your dog will be all fresh and clean all while staying in the comfort of your own accommodation.

Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Chicago

Are you ready to book a trip to Chicago? Bring your dog with reassurance knowing your canine will be well taken care of and won’t lack for anything during your trip. Check out our guide to some pet-friendly restaurants too while you’re in town to have a wonderful trip with all your loved ones.


By: Katlin

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