How Long Do Lionhead Rabbits Live

The Animalista How Long Do Lionhead Rabbits Live
If considering a rabbit as a pet but wonder how long do lionhead rabbits live before deciding, rest assured they can have long lives if properly cared for

Lionhead rabbits are undoubtedly one of the cutest rabbit breeds there are. With their beautiful manes, woolly fur and small faces, these rabbits have become a very popular addition to many families. If you’re wondering how long do Lionhead rabbits live, your in the right place. Lionhead rabbits have a life span of between 7-10 years which makes them a great pet for young families who would like the children to grow with the pet. To ensure your lionhead rabbit has the longest and healthiest life possible it is important to consider the following:

The Animalista lionhead rabbits sitting in habitat
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The diet you feed your lionhead rabbit will significantly affect its lifespan. Diet is probably the most crucial aspect of keeping a rabbit healthy. Hay should make up 70-75% of your rabbits diet with the other 25% coming from pellets, fruits & leafy green vegetables.


Choosing the right and safest setup for your Lionhead Rabbit will increase its lifespan. It is recommended that Rabbits are housed indoors either free range or in a hutch indoors to avoid outdoor predators and climate issues. Lionhead Rabbits are very smart and can easily be toilet trained with a litter box. Playtime outside should always be under supervision.

It is recommended that rabbit hutches are filled with some type of bedding material. Their hutches should be cleaned of waste every day including toilet waste and leftover food. Their whole hutch needs to be fully cleaned out (including bedding) once a week. A clean environment will extend the lifespan of a Lionhead Rabbit as it reduces the risk of bacteria growth but will also increase everyday happiness.


6 yearly checkups for your rabbit are a great idea. Although Lionhead Rabbits have a long lifespan, regular checkups are highly recommended to catch any health issues that may be evolving. Some common health issues seen in LionHead rabbits include overgrown teeth, overgrown nails and respiratory issues.

The most severe health concerns that risk shortening your Lionhead Rabbits lifespan is cancer of the reproductive organs. If not neutered/speyed, rabbits have a very high risk of getting cancer. Desexing your Lionhead Rabbit at around 4-5 months old will give it the best chance of living a long, healthy life.


It is important to keep your Lionhead Rabbit calm and happy to keep it thriving and in the family for as long as possible. Because Lionhead Rabbits can scare easily, playtime and pat time is essential every day. Lionhead Rabbits are very social and prefer rabbit company so getting a pair will increase your Lionhead Rabbits lifespan.

The Animalista baby lionhead rabbit
Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash


Due to their thick coats, Lionhead Rabbits require more grooming than the usual rabbit and if not managed correctly, lack of grooming can decrease their lifespan. If Lionhead Rabbits coats are not groomed regularly their fur gets matted and as they attempt to groom it themselves they may ingest fur balls which can lead to serious digestive problems.

Lionhead Rabbits can live very long lives if properly cared for, attention is given to their environment, regular Vet visits, and how you handle them. Add to that their undeniable cuteness, and these lovelies can make great pets.


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