New York City Pet Services

Pet services in NYC
Here are seven pet services that may come in handy if you're planning a visit to New York City.

Traveling with your furry friend is great! Except when you’re traveling with your canine companion you have to think outside of your accommodation and where you’re going to eat. Your dog will need to go potty, maybe he runs out of treats, or uh-oh he found a mud puddle and needs a bath ASAP! When you’re away from home and your normal places it’s overwhelming to figure out where to go. We’ve put together a few great spots you can rely on when you’re in New York City with your pooch and a puppy emergency comes up.

Forgot the Toys & Treats

Doggystyle NYC

46 University Place New York, NY 10003

Doggystyle NYC is an award-winning pet store that brings form, function and canine world into one. Whether your dog needs a pair of booties for his feet, a new leash and collar or some toys, you’ll find it here. 

Doggystyle pet services

Pet Central

193 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10016

Pet Central is a family owned business that provides all the things you need for your furry friend; treats, leashes, water bowls, poop bags, and maybe even a cute outfit or two. Stop in for that forgotten item or just to browse the aisles!

Pet Central NYC

Riding in Style

Pet Chauffeur

Don’t be worried if your pet can travel in the car with you again! Pet Chauffeur is New York City’s premier pet taxi service. Whether you’re heading to the airport, a groomer or a pet-friendly restaurant, they’ll get you there. Call or email for an appointment.

Pet Chauffeur NYC

BooBoos & Ouchies

NYC House Vet

125 West 79th Street, Suite B, New York, NY 10024

One of the scariest feelings is going somewhere out of town and your doggy to have a health issue. At NYC House Vet, they will bring the best care to your pet and bring you the peace of mind you need. They are a house call practice, so no matter your location, they will be able to come to you and provide the best veterinary care to your pet.

St. Marks Veterinary Hospital

348 E 9th St. New York, NY 10003

St. Marks Veterinary Hospital is a friendly and professional vet located in East Village that can provide your pet the best service while away from home. Call for an appointment or for any immediate concerns.

St. Marks Veterinary Hospital NYC

Pampered Pet

Good Dog! Private Pet Grooming

New York, NY 10023

Good Dog! Is a private grooming service for small dogs (under 20lbs) and services the New York City area. Did your dog find a good mud puddle to run in at the dog park? Don’t fret, groomer Maria will come to you and offer a calm and gentle cleaning service. You have to make an appointment via email or phone call for your doggy to get in.

Good Dog! Private Pet Grooming

Playground Pups

664 Amsterdam Ave. New York, NY 10025

Playground Pups is a full-service doggy daycare that also offers grooming services located in the Upper West Side. If your dog needs a little pampering before a night out on the town, then make an appointment via email or phone and stop in.

Playground Pups

Are you ready to book a trip to New York City? Bring your dog with reassurance knowing your canine will be well taken care of and won’t lack for anything during your trip. Check out our guide to some pet-friendly restaurants too while you’re in town to have a wonderful trip with all your loved ones.


By: Katlin

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