What do Wild Bunnies Eat?

What Do Wild Bunnies Eat
It may come as a surprise that wild bunnies eat their own waste, but not all and there is a good reason for it.

If you have a bunny as a pet, you will probably be wondering what their diet is like in the wild. You may have already conducted researched into what they should be eating but there is no hard and fast rule. Both wild and domestic bunnies have quite a varied diet. As you know, bunnies are herbivores and eat a variety of leaves, fruits, vegetables, and greenery. Wild bunnies eat similar food but there may be some small differences as they live in the wild.

Diet of Wild Bunnies

So, what do wild bunnies eat? Well, because they are herbivores, they eat mostly grasses and leafy weeds. This is because they live in burrows and it makes for easy foraging. Bunnies also can’t climb trees and they are therefore forced to feed on grasses and small ground plants.

One of the most interesting phenomena of a bunny’s diet is the fact that they eat their droppings. This is only partly true: they only eat soft, viscous black dropping pellets and never hard droppings, and this is done mostly at night. This is because they are hind gut fermenters and most of their food consists of cellulose which can’t be absorbed after fermentation in the caecum. They therefore have to eat this in order to obtain more nutrition from food.

Wild bunny sitting in a field

Another Wild Animals Diet

Diet of Mice in The Wild

Another common question is, “What do wild mice eat?”. Simply put, they eat anything that is edible for them. Although the first part of the answer is pretty simple, the second part of the answer is much more interesting. Wild mice are omnivores and not picky with food. Although they can eat anything, they do have certain preferences. When it comes to vegetation, mice mostly consume grass and grains. However, they do eat fruit, nuts, seeds, roots, oats, vegetables, and other parts of plants, if available. Tiny pieces from the carcasses of wild animals can be a real feast for a group of wild mice. For protein, wild mice eat different types of insects like centipedes, larvae, worms, roaches, and crickets.

wild mouse having some lunch sitting in tree

What do Wild Cats Eat?

Ever wonder what wild cats eat while you’re preparing food for your own pet cat? In the wild, cats have a completely different habitat. Wild cats include lions, tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, leopards, lynx, and other small wild cats. All wild cats are absolute carnivores and they eat meat from wild animals in different ways. Big cats, like lions, hunt in groups and the prey is eaten by the whole pride. Other cats like cheetahs, mountain lions and lynx usually prey alone and hide their prey after killing it and snack on it for several days. Small cats have different strategies to obtain the meat or eggs of large birds. Some of them also feed on carcasses that are left by other predators.

Wild cat digesting its food

Diet of Wild Ferrets

Like cats, ferrets are also obligate carnivores. Wild ferrets eat mostly complete small prey animals. They will eat the meat, skin, fur, feathers, and bones of their prey. Ferrets normally prey on mice, rats, little birds, birds’ eggs, fish, and small rodents. They also eat meat from dead and decaying wild animals. Ferrets have a short digestive system, which means that their food is eliminated in a short space of time and they need to eat again and again. Studies have shown that ferrets lack a caecum, meaning they can’t consume fibrous food.

Diet of The Wild Rat

Many people wonder what wild rats eat and if they eat the same things as mice. Although both rodents are similar and they do eat a similar diet, there are some variances. Wild rats are opportunistic omnivores and prey on special occasions. Their primary food includes fruit, vegetables, seed, nuts, leaves of different plants, and roots. Wild rats also eat scraps from dead or decaying animal carcasses, just like mice. They are quite large in comparison with wild mice so their food tends to be bigger in size. Wild rats prey on large insects like centipedes, roaches and big spiders. They also prey on small reptiles and mammals and like to hide their food for future use.

Diet of Wild Dogs

As you know, dogs eat specially processed food when they are kept as pets, but what would happen if your dog had to live in the wild? How would your dog survive in the wild? Have you ever wondered what wild dogs eat to survive in the wild? If you have, then read further!

As we know, wolves, hyena, and dingoes are ancestors of modern domestic and wild dogs. Wild dogs are not obligatory carnivores, like wild cats and they prey on small animals like mice, voles, birds, rabbits and insects. They sometimes prey on large animals and do this by working in packs. They eat all the body parts of their prey, including the meat, bones, skin, fur, feathers and soft organs. Since they are not true carnivores, they also eat rotten fruit and vegetables. They also enjoy digging up the ground to get the roots from plants.

Wild dogs are able to eat the undigested food of their prey to maintain a regular bowel movement. This is probably what your own dog would eat if it had to survive in the wild. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for domestic dogs to eat the same as wild dogs, but a larger breed dog would do better in the wild.

Wild dog sitting in a field digesting lunch

So, now that you know what various mammals eat in the wild, did anything come as a surprise to you?


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