Top Austin Pet Friendly Activities

Top Austin Pet Friendly Activities
Austin takes home the award for most pet-friendly city in the US. Find out why in our list of top Austin pet-friendly activities.

If there was a contest held today for the most pet friendly city in America. Austin Texas might take home the top trophy. It’s almost as if the entire city was built with our furry friends in mind. 

If you are planning a visit to the Texas state capital, check out our list of top Austin pet-friendly activities before you go.

Go for a Shopping Spree at The Domain

outdoor, open air and pet friendly mall in Austin

There are perks to having an outdoor, open air mall and pet friendliness is one of them. The Domain is a sprawling outdoor shopping mall in Austin that is perfect for a day out with your pup.

Plenty of the area’s luxury retail stores are open to bringing your pets inside. Even the brilliant jewelry store Tiffany & Co. Not to mention, there are lots of patios where you can enjoy a meal while your dog laps up some water and munches on a much-deserved treat for being a great pal!

Take a Walk in the Park in Zilker Botanical Gardens

happy dog in the Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin

You can find Zilker Botanical Gardens in the center of downtown Austin as a prominent example of a top Austin pet friendly activity. Zilker is a sight to see with panoramic views of the downtown area and peaceful trails connecting the park’s gardens across 26 acres of land.

Best of all, Zilker Botanical Gardens is dog-friendly as long as your companion is on a lease and you can clean up any waste. Waste bags are not available here, so be sure to bring your own!

Leave the leash Behind at Red Bud Isle Dog Park

A little island oasis on the water, Red Bud Isle Dog Park is like paradise for your pup. This massive dog park welcomes four-legged friends as they are, completely off-leash and free to run wild. 

Take a short drive to Red Bud Isle and enjoy the park. It is a natural getaway near the city, and the area’s rocky and forested terrain mixed with a bit of water from the Colorado River makes for pure bliss that’s sure to tire out your pets.

Have a Beer at Yard Bar

Yard Bar Austin is a perfekt place with dogs

Bring your good boy or girl to Yard Bar Beer Garden & Grill, where they are as much a VIP as you are. The outdoor space at this bar has a dedicated dog park with separate areas for large and small pups. All dogs must be vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and in general good health!

You can’t beat their food menus, both human and canine. Order meatballs and gravy or “good dog ice cream” for your dining companion and a spicy black bean burger for yourself. 

Put that together with one of Yard Bar’s draft beers and you will end up spending the better part of your day here, enjoying the sun while your partner socializes with new fluffy friends.


By: Michael

Contributing Animalista

The Animalista contributors are animal people from around the world who use their writing talents to produce content that educates, entertains, and raises awareness for animal related topics.  

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